About this project

This is a little side project I made as a present to family and friends for christmas 2021.
The advent wreath is created in the procedural 3D software Houdini. I modeled some of the parts in Maya, composited the project in Nuke.
The trick to create the different videos of the scene with candles on, blown out and off is in the rendering and comp stage.
I rendered the candle lighting out in a separate AOV, so I could add or remove it in compositing. I comped in flames and smoke from stockfootage.
I rendered three videos: Candles On, Candles Off (these two are loopable) and one clip with the smoke rising.
When clicking the button, Javascript switches between the videos.
You can look at the code of the page in your browser by pressing F12.

I wish you all a wonderful christmas and a happy start into the new year!

- Maxim

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